Text Box: Terms and Conditions

Text Box: Delivery of Service

All Release Hypnotherapy practitioners shall undertake to: 

Provide service to patients solely in those areas in which they are competent to do so and for which they carry relevant professional indemnity insurance. “Competency” means adequate training, skills and experience but need not exclude treating a patient for a condition which the practitioner has not treated before, provided that due diligence and professionalism is observed. 
Act in a non-biased, non-prejudicial manner towards all patients, providing those patients with an identical quality of service and treatment irrespective of the many differences which are to be found between patients, including but not restricted to: race, gender, sexual orientation, disability etc.
Disclose full details of all relevant memberships, training, experience, qualifications and appropriate avenues of complaint to patients upon request and only use those qualifications and memberships to which they have proof of entitlement.
Explain fully to patients in advance of any treatment: the fee levels, precise terms of payment and any charges which might be imposed for non-attendance or cancelled appointments, and wherever relevant, confidentiality issues.

“In advance of any treatment” means that not only should terms and conditions be set out in advance, but that they should be further clarified by the therapist at the initial consultation when additional information about the patient’s needs is obtained. If for therapeutic reasons, the therapist wishes to modify treatment (e.g. to extend the treatment plan) then any effect this has on terms, conditions and pricing must be clearly explained to the patient. 

Present all services and products in an unambiguous manner (to include any limitations and realistic outcomes of treatment) and ensure that the patient retains complete control over the decision to purchase such services or products.  N.B. Guarantees of either a cure or a successful resolution of the problem/s presented shall not be offered.

Patient Welfare

All Release Hypnotherapy practitioners shall undertake to: 

Work in ways that will promote patient autonomy and well-being and that maintain respect and dignity for the patient.

Remain aware of their own limitations and wherever appropriate, be prepared to refer a patient to another practitioner (regardless of discipline) who might be expected to offer suitable treatment.

Practitioners will give full consideration to the efficacy of treatment, including the manner in which their rapport with the patient may affect such efficacy.  The practitioner has the right to refuse or terminate any treatment if it is a reasonable belief that it will not be, or continue to be, efficacious.  In refusing or terminating treatment due care must be given to fully explaining the rationale for refusal or termination to the patient. 

Ensure that wherever a patient is seeking assistance for the relief of physical symptoms, that unless already having done so, the patient be advised to contact a registered medical practitioner.

Confirm that they will never knowingly offer advice to a patient which either conflicts with or is contrary to that given by the patient’s registered medical advisor/s. If the therapist has doubts or concerns with regard to a patient’s prescribed medication, they should, always with the patient’s permission, contact the medical advisor personally.

Use due care and diligence to avoid the implantation of false memories in the patient and, ensure that the patient is aware that experiences while in a suggestible state are not  necessarily correlated with, or to be taken as, real and valid memories of the patient’s past.

Ensure that their workplace and all facilities offered to both patients and their companions will be in every respect suitable and appropriate for the service provided.  These shall include any consulting room used for the purpose of consultation and/or conducting therapy with any  patient, along with any reception or waiting areas associated with such rooms.

Take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of the patient and any person who may be accompanying them.

Refrain from using their position of trust or confidence to:
Cross the commonly understood professional boundaries appropriate to the therapist/patient relationship or exploit the patient emotionally, sexually, financially, or in any other way whatsoever. Should either a sexual relationship, or a financial relationship other than for the payment of relevant products or services, or other inappropriate relationship develop between either therapist and patient or members of their respective immediate families, the therapist must immediately cease to accept fees, terminate treatment and refer the patient to another suitable therapist at the very earliest opportunity. 
Touch the patient in any way that may be open to misinterpretation. (Before employing tactile induction or deepening techniques, both an    explanation should be given and permission received).
Not accept any inappropriate gifts, gratuities or favours from a patient.
Never protract treatment unnecessarily and to terminate treatment at the earliest moment consistent with the good care of the patient. 
Maintain strict confidentiality within the patient/therapist relationship, always provided that such confidentiality is neither inconsistent with the therapist’s own safety or that of the patient, the patient’s family members or other members of the public nor in contravention of any legal action (i.e. criminal, coroner or civil court cases where a court order is made demanding disclosure) or legal requirement (e.g. Children’s Acts).
Note. Where the practitioner  is working as part of a larger team, for example within an institution or through a multidisciplinary or similar clinical approach, or where the patient has  been referred by a medical advisor or agency with conditions placed on the referral as to shared disclosure by the practitioner to the advisor or agency, then provided that it is clear that the patient consents, confidential information may be shared by the practitioner with the team or referring advisor or agency. 

Ensure that patient notes and records be kept secure and confidential and that  the use of both manual and computer records remains within the terms of the Data Protection Act. 

Recognise that the maintenance of case note should include personal details, history, diagnosis and/or identification of problem areas; programme of sessions as agreed between therapist and patient (if any), session progress notes and a copy of any contract. 

Obtain written permission from the patient (or if appropriate the patient’s parent/s or legal guardian/s) before either recording patient sessions, discussing undisguised cases with any person whatsoever, or publishing cases (whether disguised or not) via any medium. “Recording” in this context means any method other than the usual taking of written case notes. “Undisguised” in this context means cases in which material has not been sufficiently altered in order to offer reasonable anonymity to all relevant parties.  With particular  reference to the use of CCTV equipment, all patients must be fully informed when  such equipment is in operation and as above, written permission must be obtained prior to the commencement of any patient session. 

Disguised case studies may sometimes be utilised for the purposes of either the therapist’s own supervision or the supervision and/or training of other therapists and the therapist will refrain from using such material should the respective patient indicate that it should not be used for these purposes. Portions of heavily disguised cases may occasionally be used for educational purposes in the form of case studies, clinical trials, or for clinical supervision purposes. Anonymous statistics may also be kept and published for research purposes. In all of these uses of data patient confidentiality and anonymity will be ensured at all times. The patient should advise should  they wish their data to not be made available for these purposes. 

Text Box: Safety

All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure your safety physically and psychologically. 
We will refuse to see anyone under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.

The patient will undertake not to deliberately harm the therapist, the therapist’s family and property for the duration of treatment and thereafter.


All that takes place within the hypnotherapy sessions is treated with respect, discretion and strict confidentiality. I will keep confidential notes to assist with future treatment.

Whilst my aim will be to keep confidentiality, there are exceptions:

Confidentiality will be broken if I think you might be likely to harm yourself or others, however I will discuss this first with you before disclosure.

Confidentiality will be broken if you are no longer able to take responsibility for your own actions.

In exceptional circumstances confidentiality may be broken when instructed by the courts, the police or where the therapist is put in a position of potential prosecution for a criminal offence.

In order to give you the best possible treatment and to further enhance the effectiveness of hypnotherapy we would ask that treatment be carried out with the knowledge of your General Practitioner or other health care professional. (And in conjunction with, if applicable). However this can only happen with your written agreement.

Bookings, Cancellations and Appointment Times

We operate a forty eight hour cancellation policy (seven days in Harley Street). To make a booking we require contact details in order to send confirmation, instructions and directions. We also require details of a credit or debit card to be held on file in case of ‘no show’. 

We reserve the right to charge the full session fee for non attendance or cancellation less than forty eight hours prior to the appointment time (seven days for Harley Street). Saturdays and Sundays are non working days and are therefore not included within the forty eight hours required.

We will endeavour to give as much notice as possible should we need to cancel or alter the timing of our session.

We would appreciate that you attend promptly for the due time of your appointment so as not to inconvenience other patients due to potential session overruns. We would also appreciate that you do not attend too early. Please remember (particularly if consulting at my home address) that I may be consulting with another patient and may not be able to answer the door at that particular time. I also prefer patients not to meet to ensure total confidentiality.

Diagnosis for Treatment

Whilst we pride ourselves on our level of training and expertise we are not general practitioners and have not had the training that general practitioners receive. Therefore we are unable to diagnose illness and medical conditions. Many prevailing symptoms can be clues to serious underlying health issues. We strongly advise that patients should not self diagnose or rely on internet information. We strongly advise that a diagnosis is made by a general practitioner, medical consultant or other qualified health care professional prior to embarking on a course of hypnotherapy treatment. We would prefer (with your approval) to work in conjunction with qualified medical specialists.  
Text Box: Terms and Conditions of Treatment

As a professional hypnotherapist I work within the Code of ethics set down by the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH).

The relationship between patient (or patient) and therapist should be solely to assist the patient in achieving their aims and leading a more fulfilling life.

Rapport is essential between the patient and therapist to assist in the provision of a successful treatment outcome. Respect and understanding will be shown to the patient at all times.

Successful therapy is a partnership between patient and therapist. To ensure safe, ethical and professional boundaries and treatment we strive to meet the following requirements. It is also a requirement of treatment that the patient agrees with, and adheres to these terms and conditions.
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We are able to help patients worldwide in improving their lives with general and personalised self help products.

We also arrange personal consultations with patients who travel to us from all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East (such is our reputation) and these include household names, top international sports people, world names in industry, doctors and nurses, forces personnel, business men and women, housewives, teachers, students and public sector employees. In fact we help people from just about every walk of life. Most of these come to us from personal recommendations from colleagues or friends that have visited us before or from GP’s or other health care professionals.

However, it is fair to say that the majority of our patients are from the following areas:-

Aldershot Alton Ascot Bagshot Basingstoke Berkshire Bordon Bracknell Camberley Crowthorne Chobham Cobham Egham Fareham Farnham Farnborough Fleet Frimley Godalming Guildford Hampshire Hartley Wintney Hook, London (Harley Street) Odiham Petersfield  Reading Staines Surrey West Sussex Weybridge Whitehill Woking Wokingham Surrey, Hants, Berkshire, West Sussex, Central and Greater London.



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