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No Smoking sign for hypnotherapy in Surrey pictureStop smoking with hypnosis in Surrey pictureQuit SmokingText Box: Authoritative studies on smoking cessation (Law & Tang (1995), Arch.Intern.Med and Ahijevych et. al (2000) Int.J.Clin.Exp.Hypn), have shown that hypnosis is the most effective method out there to stop smoking, and it is actually twice as effective as medication and nicotine replacement therapy.

Of course, nobody can make you do what you don’t want to do, but if you really want to quit, then an appointment with Release Hypnotherapy could probably be the best thing you ever did. 

Think about it, you could be totally free of that old habit in just one session. The ‘RELEASE’* Method offers a unique ‘multi-pronged’ attack using a combination of the latest advances in clinical hypnotherapy coupled with powerful techniques from other disciplines such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), backed up by a host of supporting material (if appropriate) which could make it twice as easy for you to achieve your goal of being a non smoker.

There’s no magic involved and willpower is required (but we can give you astonishing tips and techniques to help with this) - but if you really want to give up, have an open mind and follow instructions - then your goal could be easily achievable

This unique, breakthrough approach of the ‘RELEASE’* Method and the techniques employed enables the power of hypnosis to reach a new level in helping people take back control of their lives without smoking. In fact with this approach, the positive changes reinforce themselves over time. The actual hypnosis session is tailored to each patient to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

Release Hypnotherapy are the only organisation currently offering this unique and extremely powerful method of smoking cessation. 

The ‘RELEASE’* Method offers a unique hypnosis method to help turn smokers into healthy non smokers employing a system that enjoys an absolutely staggering success rate.

The unique ‘Multi-pronged attack’ approach of the ‘RELEASE’* Method doesn’t just end after the session. Personal supporting material is offered (if appropriate) and is tailored to each individual patient, whether it be further written or audio material, personalised hypnosis recordings or even unique aromatherapy mixes to assist in the removal of any lingering cravings. (Individual sessions only).


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Text Box: Quit Smoking Now!

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In just One Session?

Tried patches, gum and other methods?
Want to stop smoking - and failed?
Feel Giving up is too hard? Attended the
NHS Quit Smoking Sessions and Failed?

Just give us one session!

Have you tried and failed to give up smoking?
Maybe many times? Then this could be the best 
news you read this year.
Hypnotherapy has been clinically proven as probably the most successful method with which to attempt to Quit Smoking. The unique and powerful ‘RELEASE’* Method of smoking cessation is now available, exclusively from us!.

This method is offers you probably the most potent and powerful ways to help you kick the habit once and for all. Even if you have tried and failed before this could still work for you!

We can offer private group ‘Quit Smoking’ sessions for clubs, businesses or groups of friends which are very successful. We do however, recommend a tailored ‘one-to-one session’ for the greatest chance of success

Read on and decide whether a group or one to one session would be most suitable for you. Then phone and make that commitment to improve your life.

Remember, the ‘RELEASE’* Method is probably the most successful method of quitting smoking you will ever find - why accept poor alternatives - Succeed With The Best.

Read on for further information on this powerful quit smoking system


Contact us on (01252) 687260 now to arrange your confidential appointment.

“I’ve tried with other hypnotherapists without success, but this time I didn’t even need a free backup session, that one session was all that was needed to become a non smoker!” - A recent patient



Smoking Cessation with hypnotherapy in Surrey and Hants Picture

WARNING! Hypnotherapy in the UK is unregulated. Before choosing a quit smoking therapist beware that there are rogues in this area.


Text Box: Group Sessions - Companies why not help your work force kick the habit?

If your smoking is purely habitual and you have a good degree of willpower and just need that extra bit of assistance in kicking the habit, then a group session could be just right for you.

The group session uses the powerful ‘RELEASE’* Method to help you quit smoking. It is carried out in a small group (normally no more than 10 - 12 persons) and normally lasts around two hours. Everyone is given supporting material and a free ‘reinforcement’ CD. To save money and be eligible for our unique guarantee, group sessions should be booked and paid for in advance. Check the seminars page for the next available date.

Our Guarantee: Whilst group sessions are extremely effective and good value for money, they can’t obviously be tailored for each individual attending (although the  method is flexibly tailored during the session to attempt to be as personal as possible to each attendee). Also some individuals may have ‘deep rooted’ reasons preventing them from quitting successfully which cannot be addressed just by pure suggestion. We offer to any individual who books and pays in advance and attends the session, who within thirty days finds that they have resumed smoking, we will credit the cost of their part of the group session towards an individual one to one session.

Please see our corporate and seminars and workshop sections for more details

Individual Sessions

An individual session is the most powerful tool we have in assisting you in quitting smoking.

It is particularly beneficial if there are underlying psychological reasons that may be hindering you from quitting smoking, or you need some extra help with willpower.

The individual session will be carefully tailored to your personal circumstances.
Hypno-analysis can be carried out to try and ascertain and locate the root cause of any problems that may be preventing you from quitting smoking. Any problems found can be resolved as part of the powerful ‘RELEASE’* Method of smoking cessation. The session will last around two hours. Everyone is given supporting material and a free ‘reinforcement’ CD. A bottle of ‘Quit Smoking’ aromatherapy oil mixed to match you personality profile is also offered free of charge as a further ‘reinforcement’ aid.

Our Guarantee: Whilst the ‘RELEASE’* Method is probably the most powerful and effective way to assist you in quitting smoking, it is inevitable that one day it  may not work with an individual patient. It may be that whilst ‘deep rooted’ reasons  were uncovered during the Hypno-analysis session, not all the reasons were detected. If any patient who has booked and paid in full for an individual session finds that they restart smoking within THREE MONTHS of the session, a totally free, further individual consultation will be offered. This will enable us to analyse further to assist you in your goal of quitting smoking forever!

Text Box: The ‘RELEASE’* Method
Text Box: Individual or Group Session?
Text Box: Think what you will save

How much does smoking cost you each week? Each month? Each Year? Just think: if you stop now, even regardless of any benefits to your health (and possibly, you’re families health), what will you save? Not hundreds, not even thousands, but tens of thousands over your lifetime. Save thousands of pounds a year from now on, and preserve and enhance your health, your appearance and your enjoyment of life.

Do you feel like a social outcast? Shunned at work and made to go outside, in all weathers. Does your hair and clothes (and even your house and car) reek of the awful stench of cigarettes? Are you despised in social situations because of your bad habit?

Act now, whilst this is still fresh in your mind. Think of what you could gain! Pick up the phone and make that call. Make it the very next thing that you do because the practice is becoming so popular in the area that they usually have a waiting list.


Contact us now on (01252) 687260 to arrange your confidential appointment.

Then smoke your last cigarette.

What is it costing you? (Apart from your health!)

Smoking only 5 a day needlessly wastes nearly £550 per year!

Smoking just 10 a day needlessly wastes nearly £1,100 per year!

Smoking an average of 20 a day needlessly wastes nearly £2,200 per year! (or the cost of a decent holiday!)

A heavy smoker on 40 a day works needlessly wastes nearly £4,400 per year! (a very nice holiday if you’re fit enough to take it!)

A seriously heavy smoker on 60 a day needlessly wastes nearly £6,600 per year! (A new car every other year—well you’re not fit enough to walk far!)

A stupidly heavy smoker on 80 a day needlessly wastes nearly £8,800 per year! (but for a very short life!)

Facts about smoking:
In the UK Smoking causes 120,000 deaths a year - that’s 330 each day.

One in two long-term smokers will die prematurely as a result of smoking, half of these in middle age.

Smokers in their 30s and 40s have five times the amount of heart attacks as non smokers of the same age.

Smoking 20 cigarettes a day over an average lifetime, allowing for inflation costs around £100,000.

Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of cancer worldwide. By far the biggest single risk factor for cancer is smoking.

It’s never too late to give up. The longer you stay off cigarettes, the more you lower your risk.

Giving up smoking is the most important thing you can do for your health.

Stopping Smoking, even in middle age, dramatically reduces your risk of lung cancer. The sooner you quit, the more you lower the risk.

        Statistics referenced from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
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We are able to help patients worldwide in improving their lives with general and personalised self help products.

We also arrange personal consultations with patients who travel to us from all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East (such is our reputation) and these include household names, top international sports people, world names in industry, doctors and nurses, forces personnel, business men and women, housewives, teachers, students and public sector employees. In fact we help people from just about every walk of life. Most of these come to us from personal recommendations from colleagues or friends that have visited us before or from GP’s or other health care professionals.

However, it is fair to say that the majority of our patients are from the following areas:-

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