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Choose from over 500 professionally-written hypnotherapy scripts from the experienced hypnotherapists at Hypnotic World. Click an script to view more information and view:
Addiction to Nicotine Gum
Addictive Personality
Alcohol Cessation
Alcohol Moderation
Binge Drinking
Caffeine Addiction
Cannabis Addiction
Chewing Tobacco
Chocolate Addiction
Cigarette Cravings
Cocaine Addiction
Coming off Anti-Depressants
Compulsive Spending
Computer Confidence
Cutting Down on Smoking
Freedom from Drugs
Heroin Addiction
Mobile Phone Obsession
Nicotine Craving
Pipe Smoking
Power Nap
Quit Smoking Now
Road to Stopping Smoking
Salt Addiction
Secret Smoking
Smoke-Free House
Smoking Association
Smoking Aversion
Soft Drink Addiction
Stop Smoking Today!
Stop Smoking with Self Hypnosis
Stopping Smoking
Stopping Smoking 2
Stopping Smoking with Time Distortion
Stopping Smoking: The Valley
Sugar Addiction
The Joy of Reading
TV Addiction

Anger Management
Anger Management 2
Stop Road Rage
Stopping Swearing

Business Skills and Finance
Attracting Abundance
Business Meetings
Career Confidence
Executive Skills
Facing Bankruptcy
Financial Worries
Lottery Winner
Natural Negotiation
Selling Skills with Hypnosis techniques
Successful Interviews
Time Management

Baby Bonding
Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby
Breech Birth
Childbirthing Cycle
Crying Baby
Elective Caesarean Section
Failed IVF
Morning Sickness
Natural Childbirth
Parents of Premature Baby
Post Natal Depression
Pre - IVF
Sustaining a Healthy Pregnancy

Children's Issues
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Child Meditation
Childhood Defiance
Childhood Infections
Children Hypno-Relaxation
Coping with Divorce for Children
Disruptive Scholars
Fear of the Dark for Children
Fear of the Dentist for Children
Fear of Vomiting for Children
Juvenile Diabetes Management
Magic Carpet Induction
OCD: Balloon Room
Opposition Defiance Disorder
Overcome Bedwetting
Perfect Parenting
Safe Sleeping for Children
Separation Anxiety for Young Children
Teenage Time Management
Thumb Sucking

Be Confident
Best Man's Speech
Blushing in Groups
Camera Shy
Circle of Confidence
Confidence at Work
Confidence Building
Confidence for Hypnotherapists
Confidence Kite
Confidence: Conference Table
Confidence: Crystal Ball
Confidence: Garden of Life
Dating Confidence
Ego Strengthening
Football Confidence
Inappropriate Laughter
Increased Self Esteem
Interrupted Sleep
Living in the Now
Making Decisions
Public Speaking
Retarded/Delayed Ejaculation
Self Belief: Protective Shield

Driving Test
Driving Theory Test Nerves
Exam Success
Practical Exams
Presentations and Exams

Fears and Phobias
Fear of Air Turbulence
Fear of Anaesthesia
Fear of Authority
Fear of Balloons
Fear of Bees or Wasps
Fear of Being Alone
Fear of Birds
Fear of Blood
Fear of Bodily Functions
Fear of Buttons
Fear of Cats
Fear of Childbirth
Fear of Commitment
Fear of Criticism
Fear of Death
Fear of Dental Treatment
Fear of Doctors and Dentists
Fear of Dogs
Fear of Driving
Fear of Elevators
Fear of Eye Drops
Fear of Failure
Fear of Fainting
Fear of Fear
Fear of Flying
Fear of Flying 3
Fear of Flying Everyday
Fear of Frogs
Fear of Furry Animals
Fear of Germs
Fear of Ghosts
Fear of Growing Old
Fear of Heights or Bridges
Fear of Injections
Fear of Insects
Fear of Inserting Contact Lenses
Fear of Internal Examinations
Fear of Intimacy
Fear of Lizards
Fear of Loud Noises
Fear of Monsters (for Children)
Fear of Moths
Fear of Motorway Driving
Fear of MRI Scan
Fear of Needles (for Children)
Fear of Pregnancy
Fear of Public Toilets
Fear of Rats and Mice
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Snakes
Fear of Spiders
Fear of Spiders for Children
Fear of Success
Fear of Swimming (for Children)
Fear of Talking on the Telephone
Fear of Technology
Fear of the Dark
Fear of Thunderstorms
Fear of Travel
Fear of Viral Contamination
Fear of Vomiting
Fear of Warmth on Skin
Fear of Water
Fearless Flying
Phobia Release
School Phobia
Sea Sickness
Social Phobia

Losing a Pet
Saying Goodbye

Habits and Disorders
Adult Attention Defecit Hyperactive Disorder
Altitude Sickness
Appetite Increase
Bladder Control
Bladder Control 2
Chewing Annoyance
Compulsive Lying
Control of Gag Reflex/Easy Swallowing
Creating Alternatives
Depression: Healing White Light
Drink Driving Aversion
Enjoy Fruit and Vegetables
Fear of Falling Over
Insomnia: Black Door
Knuckle Cracking
Maintenance Insomnia
Morning Person
Mouth and Cheek Biting
Nail Biting
Nervous Cough< Text Box: Professional Recording Services

Recording Services now available based in our own professional studio.

Digital recording available with experienced producer in our own professional studio. Based on a Ďstate of the artí Apple Logic - Pro setup.

Experienced producer / engineer / composer for all your needs

CD / DVD copying and production available.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.
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Surrey Hampshire (Hants) London (Harley Street) Berkshire.
01252 687260


The Only NHS Contracted, University Qualified, Full Time, Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy
 Specialists in the Area!
Text Box: Consultations available at:-

Heath Lane
Upper Hale

10 Harley Street

The Richmond GP Surgery
Richmond Close
GU52 7US

The Fountain Centre
St Lukes Cancer Centre
Royal Surrey County Hospital
Egerton Road

The Odiham Clinic
2 High Street
RG29 1LG

Home or business consultations possible by appointment.

We are happy to give talks and presentations to interested groups and organisations.
Text Box: Who do we see and which areas do we cover?

We are able to help patients worldwide in improving their lives with general and personalised self help products.

We also arrange personal consultations with patients who travel to us from all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East (such is our reputation) and these include household names, top international sports people, world names in industry, doctors and nurses, forces personnel, business men and women, housewives, teachers, students and public sector employees. In fact we help people from just about every walk of life. Most of these come to us from personal recommendations from colleagues or friends that have visited us before or from GPís or other health care professionals.

However, it is fair to say that the majority of our patients are from the following areas:-

Aldershot Alton Ascot Bagshot Basingstoke Berkshire Bordon Bracknell Camberley Crowthorne Chobham Cobham Egham Fareham Farnham Farnborough Fleet Frimley Godalming Guildford Hampshire Hartley Wintney Hook, London (Harley Street) Odiham Petersfield  Reading Staines Surrey West Sussex Weybridge Whitehill Woking Wokingham Surrey, Hants, Berkshire, West Sussex, Central and Greater London.



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