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Text Box: As therapists, are you suitably qualified?

All our studies and exams have been classroom based with all Diplomas and Certificates viewable upon request. Our therapists are registered with all of the following bodies; The General Hypnotherapy Register and The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. They are members of The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners and hold and NHS Independent Provider Code. They are all insured for hypnotherapy practice for a minimum of £2,000,000 liability.

As hypnotherapy is not yet government regulated, be careful when choosing a therapist as there are plenty of therapists practising having only had minimal ‘distance learning’ training (if any at all!). They have had no practical supervision, formal training or exams. So called ‘Diplomas’ are available for anybody to purchase on the internet with no experience or knowledge required.

Why not see our impartial ‘How to choose a therapist guide’ for further advice.

All our therapists are highly qualified, nationally registered, full time practitioners who hold full insurance.

Our Principal Consultant, Garry Coles is one of few hypnotherapy specialists in the country to hold graduate level qualifications in Clinical Hypnosis (as opposed to many practitioners claiming degrees usually in an irrelevant subject). Garry continues post graduate research through a major UK university. Garry is also one of very few hypnotherapists who is actually contracted to the NHS. (Not to be confused with the many therapists misleadingly and illegally claiming to be NHS registered. (Again please see our guide on choosing a therapist for more details on this). Garry holds a contract with a major NHS hospital trust as a clinical and medical hypnotherapy specialist and practices regularly in a major hospital.
Text Box: Text Box: I’m very cautious and concerned about booking a hypnotherapy appointment, how do I know if you are right for me?

Firstly check the ‘about us’ section in conjunction with the ‘how to choose a therapist’ section to ascertain that we are suitably qualified professional. We pride ourselves on being able to gain an instant friendly rapport with our patients and patients. Book an appointment and judge for yourself. We are quite happy to answer enquiries, questions and to give explanations via phone or email. We also have a number of specialist leaflets available. 

Can anybody be hypnotised? 

Yes, anyone can be hypnotized as long as they want to be and have an ability to concentrate, everyone goes into natural altered (otherwise known as ‘trance’) states at some point. You cannot be forced into hypnosis against your will. It is not generally appropriate for very young children or people with certain mental disabilities to be hypnotised. 

Will I lose control? 

No, definitely not. You remain in full control at all times. You are able to open your eyes, talk or get up and walk away at all times. You will be fully aware of what is happening and will remember everything you wish to at the end of the session. Despite what you may have seen on television or on stage, we or any other hypnotherapist cannot have control over you.

Will I be made to so something silly? 

Any credible, professional hypnotherapist is there to help you achieve your goals and would certainly not make you do anything that you would not normally do or would feel comfortable doing. This area of misconception is left for stage hypnotists.

Text Box: Text Box: What is the ‘trance state’?

The trance state is simply an altered state of awareness in which the patient’s attention is focussed on inner resources. Although everyone’s experience of trance is slightly different, you will always feel both comfortable and relaxed and may experience a pleasant sense of ‘drifting’ and detachment from your surroundings.

What does the hypnotherapy session involve?

Although every session is different, we will first discuss in some details the changes you want to achieve, and then explain how it all works so it will relate to the therapy used. Everything is then geared to achieving that positive outcome. Progressive relaxation will normally be used to achieve a resourceful and relaxed physical and mental state. We then induce the ‘altered state’ or ‘trance’ and make powerful therapeutic suggestions tailored to each individual patient or patient. This is addressed to the unconscious part of the mind, in order to achieve the positive, desired outcome. 

How many sessions will I need?

To stop smoking usually just one single session is all that is required. For anything else, that depends on your motivation and desire to change. Everybody is different. However, hypnotherapy is a very effective therapy and we will want to help you in the minimum number of sessions possible. Generally the majority of problems can be resolved in just two or three sessions (we normally suggest three to five sessions as a brief guideline, although it is very rare for patients to require as many as five sessions due to the powerful methods and techniques we employ). Very complex, multiple issues or where a more Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach is required it would be normal to increase the number of sessions required. We will review your progress throughout the course of treatment, so that at all times you can make a valued judgement about how the therapy is progressing and if any more sessions will be required.      

How long does a session last?

Please allow a minimum of one to one and a half hours for the initial consultation. Further sessions would normally be around an hour in duration. Quit smoking hypnotherapy is a single intensive session of up to two hours. 

Is all information and personal details kept confidential?

Yes, 100%. We would however be obliged to disclose information if we feel that psychologically you would be a danger to yourself. We are forbidden to contact your GP or other healthcare professional without your express permission. We would however encourage you to allow us to inform your GP as a courtesy and to allow them input into the course of treatment if the so desire. However this is purely at your discretion. 

Will I be OK to drive or work after the session?

Yes, this is not a problem. 

How do I pay?

Payment is due at the end of each session (Full payment for the course of treatment for weight loss packages are due at the end of session one). Payment can be made in cash, or by cheque with a vlaid cheque guarantee card. We also accept credit, debit and American Express card payments at no extra cost. 

Do you charge a ‘no show’ or late cancellation fee?

A condition of booking is that we reserve the right to levy a fee of the full session cost if an appointment is not kept or is cancelled with a minimum of forty eight hours notice. For this reason a condition of booking is that we require details of a valid credit or debit card to be held securely on file for the duration of the treatment. Please note that the cancellation policy in Harley Street is seven days minimum notice required due to the excessive charges levied there.
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The Only NHS Contracted, University Qualified, Full Time, Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy
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Text Box: Consultations available at:-

Heath Lane
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10 Harley Street

The Richmond GP Surgery
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The Fountain Centre
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Home or business consultations possible by appointment.

We are happy to give talks and presentations to interested groups and organisations.
Text Box: Who do we see and which areas do we cover?

We are able to help patients worldwide in improving their lives with general and personalised self help products.

We also arrange personal consultations with patients who travel to us from all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East (such is our reputation) and these include household names, top international sports people, world names in industry, doctors and nurses, forces personnel, business men and women, housewives, teachers, students and public sector employees. In fact we help people from just about every walk of life. Most of these come to us from personal recommendations from colleagues or friends that have visited us before or from GP’s or other health care professionals.

However, it is fair to say that the majority of our patients are from the following areas:-

Aldershot Alton Ascot Bagshot Basingstoke Berkshire Bordon Bracknell Camberley Crowthorne Chobham Cobham Egham Fareham Farnham Farnborough Fleet Frimley Godalming Guildford Hampshire Hartley Wintney Hook, London (Harley Street) Odiham Petersfield  Reading Staines Surrey West Sussex Weybridge Whitehill Woking Wokingham Surrey, Hants, Berkshire, West Sussex, Central and Greater London.



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