Emergency coronavirus update

How Remote Hypnotherapy Could Help

Emergency Coronavirus Update

What is your biggest fear about the Coronavirus \ Covid-19 pandemic?

Who are you most frightened of losing?

How worried about your own health and wellbeing are you?

How worried are you about your family members?

Did you know that fear and anxiety surrounding the coronavirus \ Covid-19 pandemic is actually making YOU, (and those you love), MORE susceptible to catching it?

And less prepared for your body to cope, or fight against it?


I lecture doctors, psychologists and hypnotherapists worldwide, on the subject of Psychoneuroimmonology, (PNI) the science of how feelings, emotions and the mind can affect the immune system, (often in a negative way), and how these can be improved with the use of interventions such as hypnotherapy.
(There is so much scientific research out there supporting this).

This is an emergency update showing how remote hypnotherapy could help.


In these worrying times I am offering a special Anxiety Busting, Immune System Power booster session, remotely, via Skype or Zoom to allay your fears and boost your immune system to an optimal level!


Fill in the contact form below and book your 40 minute anxiety busting Рimmune system power booster session for only £65.

FREE Reinforcement audio session with every booking!

Fill in the email contact form below urgently to Reserve Your Coronavirus \ Covid-19 Anxiety Buster – Immune System Power Boost Session Now.

Both sessions and time are limited, don’t delay – book now!

01252 687260

Demand is high, but we’ll get back to you and try to fit you in as soon as we possibly can.

We take the health of our clients very seriously, so have made vital changes in response to the current climate.

Firstly, in response to social distancing, we have adapted our hypnotherapy techniques so that we will remain at a distance of two metres, (or more), apart during the session. We will also ensure this during meeting and greeting.

We now have no waiting room facilities or reception staff to further aid social distancing.

Our treatment room surfaces, door handles, and bathroom facilities will be wiped down between clients with antibacterial cleaner. Antibacterial hand gel will be used between clients and will also be made available for your use. Liquid soap and paper towels will be made available in washrooms.

Our own health will be carefully monitored, and we will cancel appointments and self-isolate if necessary.

It is easily possible to carry out hypnotherapy sessions, remotely,online, via Zoom or Skype. I work regularly with many international clients in this way.

Don’t let the current situation impact on your mental health, wellbeing and in transforming your life.

We are still able to deliver the best hypnotherapeutic experience to you, in the safest way possible.

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