Release Hypnotherapy

Who Do You Know Who Wants to Transform Their Life?

  • By controlling depression, stress or anxiety?
  • By getting rid of a fear or phobia?
  • By giving up smoking or drinking?
  • By losing weight?
  • By getting better sleep?
  • By coping better at work or with relationships?
  • By Stopping bad habits?
  • By dealing with negative thoughts or emotions?
  • By controlling pain?
  • By dealing with medical or clinical issues?
  • By becoming pregnant
  • By improving their sporting or artistic performances?
  • Or anything else?

Garry Coles of Release Hypnotherapy should be your only choice for a hypnotherapy consultation. A full time hypnotherapy expert for over 15 years, he is one of only a handful to hold a masters degree (MSc) in clinical hypnotherapy, the highest hypnotherapy qualification in the UK!

Garry is one of the few hypnotherapists in the UK to be contracted to the NHS (where he consults weekly at a major hospital). He also works from GP surgeries and clinics and is sought after as a hypnotherapy presenter and trainer, worldwide.

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